The Economical Assistive Bathtub

The economical model of the SafeBATHs, built with smaller, more compact frame and lighter materials, emphasizing portability over all else. As with other SafeBATH models, it is primarily focused on enabling safe bathing for the elderly or those suffering from mobility difficulties, it is designed to offer both comfort and safety to the user.




CollarBATH takes a fabric-oriented approach to the base PlaxiBATH design, with an outer layer constructed with waterproof fabric. Instead of a drawbridge, the front doorway is fashioned like a collar that can be easily opened and closed.
At the press of a button, a built-in winch will open or close the collar-doorway to form the vestibule with the user inside. Once seated on the bath chair within the device, a separate switch will begin filling the bath with warm or cold water. Alternatively, with the overhead showerhead, the user can opt for a shower instead. After the bath, the water is drained and the collar-doorway can be reopened, allowing the user to directly exit the device.
Being completely collapsible, when not in use, the entire CollarBATH unit can then be easily stored or transported as needed—a key advantage of its fabric-based design.



Collar Design​

  • The CollarBATH has an extendable overhead bar that supports a wearable harness attached by safety cable.

  • This allows a wheelchair-bound user to wear the harness and be supported as they walk into the bath.


  • CollarBATH is fully mobile and collapsible, easily moved into any part of the household or easily transported by vehicle. It allows the user the freedom to take a bath anywhere, even by their bedside.

Installation Flexibility

  • As long as there is an electricity and water supply, CollarBATH can be installed there permanently. Without a water supply, internal/external water storage tanks can be used instead as a temporary measure.

Non-slip flooring

  • The internal floor of CollarBATH is covered with non-slip materials ensuring the user keeps a steady footing.

Built-in bath seat

  • As per bathing safety guidelines and in the standard style of hot tubs, CollarBATH’s internal structure includes a bath seat.

LED lighting

  • DreamBATH is installed with LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the bath device, improving visibility and safety during low light conditions.

Emergency features

  • Temperature limiting to prevent overly cold or hot water from being supplied.

  • Panic button/handle to swiftly empty the vestibule of water and release the drawbridge.

  • Wi-Fi connected alert system to automatically ping family members/caregivers in case of emergency.

  • Infrared sensors at the entrance of the device for fall detection, which would trigger the same alert system.




1. Push cart wheels – can be dismantled
2. Computer monitor set
3. Push cart handle bar
4. L Shape bar – for hanging switches, emergency pull handle etc
5. PlaxiSTRAP – special cable to link to safety belt
6. Emergency safety pull handle
7. Water proof electrical switch box
8. Safety belt – for strapping down user for their own safety
9. Safety handle grap bar (left side)
10. Hand shower
11. Safety handle grab bar (right side)

12. Foldable chair
13. Water release outlet
14. Special built in cable for pulling curtain
15. Sliding curtain or wrap around entrance
16. Bath floor tub
17. Electric motor for pulling the cables
18. Water pump (optional)
19. L Bar socket (detachable)
20. Microphone
21. Shower head
22. Rip nyloncable
23. Hypalon polyester fabric shell