The Accessible Hot Tub

DreamBATH is the up-market alternative of the SafeBATH series—a mobile walk-in hot tub. Maintaining the slew of safety features and design considerations of the SafeBATH, whilst including hydrotherapy elements ensures the DreamBATH provides a luxury bathing experience.
Although hydrotherapy’s potential health benefits could be a great boon to seniors and those with mobility difficulties alike, the standard construction of hot tubs popularized by the designs of the Jacuzzi Brothers are not well-suited to their needs. Hence, DreamBATH’s focus on accessibility provides the joys of a relaxing hot tub experience to all potential users.





DreamBATH is constructed as a hot tub with an internal seating area for one or two persons (depending on the model version). Users can enter the unit from the front of the unit, which is a foldable shutter that can be raised or lowered mechanically at the push of a button, either retracting into the base of the unit or forming a watertight vestibule to form the bathtub. 

DreamBATH’s Hydrotherapy functions can be immensely valuable in providing relief for those suffering from mild to severe arthritis, and it offers 4 distinct hydrotherapy functions:

  • Soaking Bath - for a calm soak, to promote relaxation and blood circulation

  • Deep-tissue massage - targeting the inner layers of muscles and connective tissues to reduce tension

  • Thermo-air massage - acute air pressure-based massage to soothe muscles and joints

  • Combination - a combination of the above, for those wanting a more intense massage session



Luxury Design

  • The DreamBATH is leisure bath unit, designed to allow users to take full-body baths in comfort of their own homes but outside of their bathroom.

  • The DreamBATH comes complete with inbuilt hot tub and bubble-bath features for a more luxurious bathing experience.

Easy to enter/exit

  • DreamBATH’s shutter cover design allows a user to simply walk in/out of the bathtub, instead of stepping over a tub wall. 


  • DreamBATH is fully mobile and can be moved into any part of the household or easily transported by vehicle. It allows the user the freedom to take a shower anywhere, even by their bedside.

Installation Flexibility

  • As long as there is an electricity and water supply, DreamBATH can be installed there permanently. WIthout a water supply, internal/external water storage tanks can be used instead as a temporary measure.

Non-slip flooring

  • The base of the shutter cover, and the internal floor of DreamBATH is covered with non-slip materials ensuring the user keeps a steady footing.

Built-in bath seat

  • As per bathing safety guidelines and in the standard style of hot tubs, DreamBATH’s internal structure is molded to include a bath seat (or multiple depending on the model version).

LED lighting

  • DreamBATH is installed with LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the bath device, improving visibility and safety during low light conditions.

Emergency features

  • Temperature limiting to prevent overly cold or hot water from being supplied.

  • Panic button/handle to swiftly empty the vestibule of water and release the drawbridge.

  • Wi-Fi connected alert system to automatically ping family members/caregivers in case of emergency.

  • Infrared sensors at the entrance of the device for fall detection, which would trigger the same alert system.



DreamBATH is designed to be environmentally-friendly by reducing water usage and wastage. Outfitted with an efficient membrane water filter that can clean and filter used bathwater, this allows the same water to be reused several times if needed—such as in the event of a water rationing—without sacrificing hygiene. In order to make it more convenient for users, DreamBATH also comes with a self-cleaning function whereby liquid detergent (produced from an eco-friendly antibacterial essential oil) will spray out from small nozzles within the tub wall interior.
Furthermore, DreamBATH’s inbuilt water storage tank requires as little as 30 litres of water to begin hot tub functions. Overall, the combination of the water recycling system and the low volume of water required to operate contribute to reduced water usage, keeping water bills low and wastage to a minimum.