The Rigid Surface Modular Inflatable Platform

PlaxiFORM is a revolutionary mobile inflatable platform. Capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads, with a rigid surface for stability, all the while being fully inflatable/deflatable.
Inflatable platforms without internal supports are just hollow, and simply supported by compressed air, which leads to a non-rigid surface that easily deforms according to the weight of the object/person atop it. As a result, it is common for one to lose their footing and fall, or have objects simply slide off.


Simply having raised edges on such platforms or using more solid materials doesn’t fix the core issue and are an inelegant solution. This is why PlaxiFORM’s design is revolutionary.
PlaxiFORM is a platform with an outer casing of resistant fabric supported internally by an arrangement of pillar-like structures. The mechanics involved differ between the 2 models of PlaxiFORM, but the end result is the same: A lightweight, inflatable platform with a rigid surface that is easy to compress down for storage and transport when not in use.



PlaxiFORM M3 utilizes internal supports in the form of vertically-placed pillars that are casings that would house a special insert. The most ideal insert would be premade plastic screws, however, in the case that the specially-made plastic screws are unavailable, any form of packed dirt/sand/water can be used instead to fill the casing, achieving a similar effect of supporting the platform.

Diagram 2.png


As for PlaxiFORM M4, the internal supports are vertically-placed pillars and stoppers. As compressed air is pumped into the platform, the pillars will rise till they stand vertically upright, with each pillar braced against its partner stopper. As the platform deflates, they fall back into place between the stoppers, thereby flattening the entire platform. PlaxiFORM M4’s key feature is its component-based design, as it is essentially an assembly of many individual component rows secured together to form a platform.


The PlaxiForm provides great benefit to communities commonly affected by floods. Life threatening situations leave little room for error and require tremendous effort during rescue operations. The PlaxiFORM aims to be the prime choice for rescue teams during life-threatening situations as a floatable mobile platform.



  • To improve longevity, each component row of PlaxiFORM is removable, allowing for easy replacement in the case of a damaged component unit.

  • The form and even shape of the platform can be altered based on the arrangement of units in the assembly, providing the platform immense versatility in both adjusting its size and maximum allowable load.

  • When deflated, the entirety of PlaxiFORM can be folded into layers for compactibility.

  • Non-laborious Modular Connector for easy and fast deployment will ensure a fast deployment.

  • The internal assembly of the PlaxiForm will be supported by an array of collapsible pillars that gives the stiffness to the structure and rigidity to support heavy loads.

  • The Plaxiform will work under various conditions. Be it in river, mud, quicksand or snow, its solid and flat surface allows the load to be distributed evenly.